Costa Cruises Are Shit

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Complaint against Costa Cruises #1

Date of registration: 12/11/2021

Summary of Complaint

  •  Nobody manning reception any time throughout the cruise.
  • The phone used to call reception was not sanitized, nor was there any sort of sanitation near it, making it a great risk for potentially getting COVID-19 as many other passengers could have used it.
  • Masks had to be worn everywhere despite previous PCR tests and everyone was made to sit in a hall with hundreds of other passengers awaiting results for the PCR. We had no information if anyone had failed the test and, if they did, we should have been informed and immediately isolated. I didn’t even receive my own results from the PCR.
  • We were told we could not get off the boat without going on the designated tours.
  • The trip to Montenegro was cancelled before we left but we were not informed of the changes. No email, call or message was sent.
  • The trip to the Acropolis in Athens was also cancelled but due to a so-called strike which was on 5th-6th Nov. Everything should have been fine as we would of arrived there either the 10th/11th.
  • For full list of complaints look at the email link in the evidence


Method of complaint: Verbal & Email

Here is the response email from Costa

Response to Complaint

  • No action has being taken by the company – they think there is not reason for complaint.
  • There will be no compensation.
  • Issues were not addressed on a point by point basis – they only answered what they thought was easy to answer


This customer is seeking £400 to solve the issues.

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